We do not just verify the individual configuration of each service

We verify also how each service connects to the others.

With each added service, the complexity of your system rises. This is because you did not just add a service, but also several new connections to your existing services. Such a connection, if misconfigured, may be an open door for malicious players.

SCAV is able to support any configurable tool out there

Configuration files can have multiple forms. SCAV is flexible enough to support them all.

We have a growing list of supported tools, with various configuration formats. You wish to add a specific service to your tech stack? We take your worry away about how to securely configure it to fit it into your existing eco-system.

Machine specific information is taken into account

We not only look at your services, we also look at the servers they are hosted on.

Your services may be on premise, or in the cloud. If these machines leave open doors, the most secure setup of the services cannot save you in general.

With SCAV, you stay up to date

At times, certain configurations or connections are discovered to be security risks. With SCAV, you are prepared.

We do not just check your configuration once. As we update our system, we periodically re-scan your configuration. If we find a problem, we will send you a report immediately.